I Like That Picture!

Thanks for your interest in my photos, and thanks for not just simply downloading or linking to them without checking.

If you would like to use a picture:
  • Please do not attempt to use an image directly off of my website. I pay for bandwidth, and you'll notice that (at least for the time being) there are no ads.
  • Images with the "©ericdives.com" stamp on them can be used as is, providing they are not modified to remove the "©ericdives.com" stamp. So those images you can download yourself and use on your own site, if you so desire.
  • If the image does not have the "©ericdives.com" stamp, please send an email to the address below before you download and use the photo, and let me know exactly what photo you want to use.

But What If I Don't Like The Copyright Stamp or I Want A Better Resolution?

So far, almost all of the photos on this site were taken with one of three different cameras:
  • A 35mm Sea&Sea MX5 - a simple point and shoot underwater camera. One of these is even being used by a company that's producing an encyclopedia. However, I'm not the most organized person offline, so I can't guarantee that I'd be able to provide access to negatives or prints, so if you want to use one of these, be ready for disappointment.
  • A Sony PC110 video camera in still mode. I should have the original 1 megapixel stills for these, but realize that it's relatively low resolution and it would be hard to make them fit for print purposes. 8" by 10" should be okay, but certainly not larger.
  • Photos from mid-2007 and on are almost certainly taken with a 8 megapixel Canon 30D camera. The default resolution should be somewhere around 3500x2300 pixels, and I keep an archive off site with the originals (in both RAW and JPG format) for anything that's posted on site (and then some). So, depending on it's intended use, I might be able to provide you a higher resolution picture or a copy without the "©ericdives.com" stamp. I've gotten a few of these printed up to 20" by 30" and in my biased opinion, they're phenomenal.
If you would like to inquire about the use of a photo I've taken, send an email with your contact information (or you can use the "I Know Something ... !" link on the bottom of the page for the image) and we can negotiate usage restrictions and possible pricing.
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